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Host an indoor drive-in event at Prairieland Park!

Space for 138 vehicles. Morning, afternoon, and evening time slots available. Indoor drive-ins will be held in Halls D and E. 

Spaces will be sold through Prairieland Park’s ticketing system. Security and cleaning attendants will be on site during events. Aisles and rows will be identified, and stalls will be numbered and assigned at the time of ticket purchase.

Indoor Drive-In Safety Regulations

*Note: noncompliance with regulations is subject to removal. Security will be on site monitoring for adherence to guidelines, rules and regulations.

  • No more than 30 persons per hall allowed to be outside their vehicles (washrooms or concessions).
  • Socializing outside of vehicles is not permitted.
  • All stalls will be set per Provincial reopening distancing guidelines.
  • Vehicles must be turned off. ACC position is required for power for FM transmitter.
  • Sound levels within vehicles must not be disruptive to others.
  • Vehicle windows must remain closed unless temporary requirement for services (eg. food and beverage when arranged and allowable).
  • Only individuals from the same household may occupy the same vehicle.
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted.

Indoor Drive-In Rates

Valid to August 31, 2021. All pricing subject to applicable taxes.

• Ticket includes one meal delivered to each vehicle, and concession services.

• Space for 150 – 200 vehicles. Morning, afternoon, and evening time slots available.

4 Hour Booking
$40 per vehicle