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Indoor Drive In Halls D and E
Subject to Business Reponses and Saskatoon Fire Department approval. Proposal including maps and regulations to be submitted to Gov’t of Saskatchewan Business Response, could take up to 2 months for approval.
150 – 200 cars
Aisles and rows identified, stalls numbered and assigned at ticket purchase
Spaces sold through SPPC ticketing
Clearly identified rules and regulations – noncompliance is subject to removal
Washrooms – distance markings – no more than 30 people in line for each D and E washrooms
On site security, on site cleaning attendants
Partial Day booking option, Morning, Afternoon or Evening
4 hour booking $40 per car
Food and Beverage to come up with a way to service
a) Client ticket includes meal delivered to your car
b) Concession services – eg. to order text to a number
Golf cart with warmer, carts (modern day A&W)
Operations would need to be available and have portable boosters. Some vehicles batteries drain quickly on ACC

Outdoor Drive In Event (May – September) this option is on hold due to availability of the stageline, risk and liability involved with hosting outdoors.
Midway, NE location
$50 per vehicle (min 100 vehicles)
Includes stageline, FM Transmitter, input box, mic, basic sound, 2 screens, 2 operators, facility, outdoor restrooms, parking attendants, cleaning attendants, stage barrier, marked parking locations.
Food and Beverage – as per menu. 2021 served catering menu will be provided.